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Home monitoring is one such method of security that makes it possible not only to constantly monitor the situation in the building but also to react quickly. With the help of modern monitoring kits, any event is also recorded on the recorder's disks, allowing for a later analysis of the situation and the collection of evidence The standard residential home monitoring system consists of a set of external and internal cameras located in such locations that allow for constant control of the entry and windows and the area around the home, as well as a recorder and a suitable power supply. Depending on the needs of such systems, they will pass both CCTV cameras with a slightly lower resolution image and very comfortable, which guarantees not only excellent IP, AHD and HDCVI cameras. Monitoring your home in a system that is connected to the internet gives you the ability to constantly control the situation around the building even while away from your home. The control comes down to viewing options on the live image display or recording from the DVR. A slightly cheaper variant is a home monitoring system without an external recorder. In such systems, the image is recorded directly on the camera's memory card Monitoring the magazine Warehouse is an integral part of a complex of industrial buildings or commercial buildings, and because of its intended use, it typically involves very high value materials collected for sale or as a stock of raw materials for production purposes. Warehouses are found both in large enterprises and small workshops, differing in their wealth, but in each case its loss can be catastrophic in its consequences and decisive for the existence of the company Effective monitoring is a way to protect the content of such a room by both unwanted guests and from random accidents, including all factors affecting the destruction of materials. The best way to secure your warehouse is with an industrial TV system that allows you to keep track of inventory in the warehouse. Its base is a CCTV system that intercepts an image of the environment and sends it to a suitable recorder for image recording. Cameras can operate on a continuous basis, which means that they need to work with a large disk recorder, or they can be activated by motion detectors or image detectors, allowing the image to be captured only when there is an event in the room. The monitoring system in the warehouse normally requires several to several dozen cameras, depending on the size of the room itself and the layout of shelves or pallets with the goods. In advanced systems it is possible to use multichannel recorders that simultaneously record images from multiple sources City monitoring Safety on the streets of the city is a condition for the comfort of everyday life, especially those who work at unusual times or for various reasons have to stay in places with no traffic. Even the safest and seemingly quiet city does not guarantee that there will be no assaults or hooligan attacks on its streets, and the real problem of many cities is the acts of vandalism and the destruction of public property. Thanks to the appropriate monitoring system and the ability to use 24-hour surveillance, such situations are not only eliminated, but also allow identification and responsibility for the perpetrators. City surveillance is a complex system whose complexity depends primarily on the size of the protected area and the number of objects that should be subject to specific surveillance. Monitoring cameras not only allow for constant monitoring of the situation and very quick response of the relevant security services, but also a type of preventive system. The view of the camera deters criminals and makes them often give up unwanted activities. Camera data can also be a source of information about communication problems, sensitive areas requiring remodeling, protection, or adequate equipment such as walkers' benches. The city's monitoring system is also a way to promote the village. Thanks to the use of appropriate equipment such as DVRs and cameras and connecting them to the Internet, it is possible to browse material from specific live places on the Internet, especially for this purpose created city sites Monitoring the settlement Closed housing estates are a modern idea to increase the security of both people and property. The fenced-in block complex with an indoor playground, parking and other amenities is often a solution for which many people are willing to pay more to have a guarantee against thieves or vandals. In such places, monitoring of the estate is also important, which makes it possible to control the area around the buildings, staircases or entrances, as well as the car park and the car park. The residential monitoring system allows you to quickly eliminate the problem when the camera image is monitored directly by the guard or porter, and when event information reaches the control center of the appropriate security agency allowing automatic intervention in case of unwanted events. Cameras are a way to eliminate strangers in a closed neighborhood, but also to eliminate vandalism in open housing estates, in squares or playgrounds, and in car parks. CCTV-based surveillance is a great deterrent to minor criminals, making robberies, devastating benches, rubbish bins, wall murders, and car wreckers much less common. Cameras are also a way to stay safer outdoors after dark, especially during the year when the day is short and for dog walkers. Pharmacy monitoring The pharmacy is a retail outlet that specializes in selling a very specific assortment, on the one hand costly and on the other hand, which is easy to put in your pocket and out of the premises. Theft of drugs is not uncommon, because medications are a temptation for addicts who can not afford to buy them. Modern pharmacies are equipped with self-service shelves as well as special exhibition stands, where branded products of a particular manufacturer are presented. With continuous customer service, when the pharmacist is on the other side of the window there is no problem with the theft of the pack of tablets. Pharmacy monitoring is an effective assurance of its assortment, which provides for systematic control of the interior of the room and recording of the material even for 24 hours a day, but also enables observing the behavior of the customer by the security guard or the seller. Such an observation allows for example a special monitor, which constantly displays the image from a high-mounted camera. This allows the worker to see what is happening on the other side of the rack and can react accordingly if the customer's behavior raises a doubt. Cameras linked to a proper recorder allow you to record material whereby a potential thief can be proven to have committed a crime and ordered to return the value of the product seized. Monitoring is particularly useful in 24-hour pharmacies, where employees are often exposed to acts of aggression from night clients. Office monitoring The office is not only a place to work, but also a room where you can find a lot of valuable, confidential data related both to the company's work strategy and to the employees employed. Plans, projects, recipes, technologies or personal data that are protected by law are particularly protected - in the absence of adequate safeguards they can become a temptation for a particular type of thief specializing in their acquisition and sale. Threats are not only paper documents, but also those in the computer, from which you can quickly remove the hard drive and carry it in the pocket with the company secrets. Modern IP, AHD and HD-CVI industrial cameras are distinguished by their excellent resolution and image quality, enabling face recognition and many other important details. Using infrared also allows the image to be recorded in total darkness, so the monitored office is protected 24 hours a day. The office monitoring system can be very extensive and even cover dozens of rooms with standalone cameras whose image is recorded on multi-channel recorders Thanks to the well-designed office monitoring system, this information can be protected much more effectively, and the collected material allows you to analyze the causes of the events and effectively search for the perpetrators. This is also evidence for the court, if the use of documents has violated personal or professional rights. Parking monitoring The owners of cars and vans, which are often the basis of their maintenance or are the result of the accumulation of savings for many years, will undoubtedly wish to protect their four wheels from theft or devastation. One way to limit thieves' attempts or vandalism is to leave your vehicle in a guarded car park, and if there is no such one nearby - in a car park with a monitoring system Monitoring performs several basic functions in such places. One of them is certainly the deterrence of amateurs of someone else's property, who are aware of recording the images from the cameras are reluctant to take risks. Surveillance cameras also allow you to identify perpetrators not necessarily intentional, but also accidental rubbing of the body or a small crashes, after which the perpetrator disappears from the crash site without leaving contact details. Thanks to the cameras, you can find and take responsibility for the vandals systematically with the taste of piercing or drawing the body, eliminating the risk of burglary in the vehicles left behind by them radio or satellite navigation. Parking monitoring should be tailored to the conditions of a particular facility, therefore available cameras of varying resolutions and capabilities in dark or rain conditions to provide the most optimal, effective protection for valuable vehicles. Modern cameras such as IP, AHD, HDCVI are also resistant to vandals, so they ensure the smooth operation and reliability of the system. Store monitoring The shop belongs to the places that are most prone to theft and at the same time give thieves the best opportunities for crime. Particularly large-scale establishments are very difficult to control, and criminal activities of clients expose them to large financial losses. The problem is not only to take out products from the store, but also to disassemble them, to open packages or simply to eat on the spot their contents. On the other hand, smaller private shops are usually the ones who are saving the lives of the owners, and by oscillating at the expense of profitability, every little loss is particularly painful Investing in monitoring may not be cheap, but in many cases it proves to be the perfect solution to quickly compensate for the effort by significantly reducing theft. In large installations, the Ceiling-mounted camera system allows you to keep track of your customers' behavior by appropriately trained staff who immediately react to the situations in the store. The live image on the monitor allows you to capture theft and catch a thief in the act and gather evidence for the investigation. In smaller stores that do not employ security protection, there is an internal monitor that allows retailers to keep track of customers who are out of sight. The monitoring system is also effective at protecting the store during night time when the premises are most at risk of burglary School monitoring Contemporary schools are exposed to much more dangers than those known several decades ago. This is due to the decline in the age of criminals, access to drugs and illicit drugs, and the rise in educational freedom and related youth behaviors. The school monitoring system is designed to both protect students from outside and prevent abuse or abuse of the students themselves at the facility. The camera system allows you to eliminate such threats as intrusion from outside, acts of aggression, extortion and intimidation on weaker, younger students, theft and destruction of property in classrooms and cloakrooms, smoking, drug use, School monitoring for most students can be an effective method of prevention, since the fact that the existence of industrial cameras is effective means that the majority of negative events can be eliminated and even eliminated. In many cases, it is also evidence that makes it possible for a particular student to be guilty of guilt, and often to prove that he or she has witnessed an incident. A school is a multi-room facility with a lower or greater priority of protection, so the camera system should be carefully designed to protect the most important and most vulnerable areas. They include cloakrooms, secretarial offices, offices, computer laboratories, etc., as well as school grounds, playgrounds and school parking. Gas station monitoring Self-service is already entering a growing number of service and trade areas, including petrol stations. Modern facilities of this type are equipped with automatic dispensers, which can significantly reduce the number of servants, and the potential customer himself refuels the tank of the car by making a payment on the basis of the integrated computer counter. Unfortunately, the lack of staff on this activity is an easy temptation to fill the tank and leave the scene without paying a fee, so a proper monitoring system is required at every self service gas station. The monitoring system at the gas station also requires the camera to be placed in appropriate places to provide the right perspective for filming and then recording the material on the recorder disks. Infrared cameras and many useful features ensure sharp and crisp images even in the rain or heavy haze. Monitoring is also an effective way to control the behavior of customers in the distributor area and to eliminate situations such as smoking. The monitoring cameras used in such systems require that conditions be fulfilled so that vehicle license plates can be uniquely identified and identification of the offender can be made. Particularly important is the fulfillment of such conditions at 24-hour stations, where making the appropriate record hinders the prevailing dark Intelligent security tailored for you.